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 Warning Bar ---

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Yusei Fudo

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PostSubject: Warning Bar ---   Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:45 am

Being Rude to a Moderator Or Admin - 25%
Swearing on Forum - 30%
Posting links (And you don't have 40 Posts on here.) - 10%
Cussing - 30%
Spamming - 10%
Double posting (Without premission)
Back seat moderating - 20%
Impersonating Another member - 15%
Sassing a Mod. - 25%
Posting RUDE Videos. (Depends on the video) - 50%
Buying things from shops that you cant afford - 10%
(Its a waste of time, so don't do it.)

Note, you may double post after a topic has gone 24 hours without a post.

Fixed rules I saw a bit harsh.


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Warning Bar ---
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