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 Lost Soul 2;

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Lord Darkness
Ra Dorm
Ra Dorm

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PostSubject: Lost Soul 2;   Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:44 am

While Shane was walking home from another busy day at school. He thought, I've got enough time to make it home before dinner, why not go to town?
(So he did) he just made it, into the dark path of town. ~Ding~~
Shane took his black mobile out. He had recived a text, the text read:

Meet me at walmart, 15.25 sharp. Or else!

Shane did so, no-one was there. out of no-where, a evil luagh Echoing in the air.
A black glimering bird, smashed it's self throgh a small window, with no harm.
it released a(nother) feather. As it fell,
it changed from feather to chole black stone. A
shadow figer jumped out of the sky, he fell like a bird. As he landed, he stated "I am Raven!"

"Do i care?" Shane quickly replied. "You soon shall, oh did you get my text?" Raven sharply shouted. "That was you?!, How did you get my number?"
Shane said in shock.
"I am everyone, i am everywhere, I know evrything" He said as he lept into the air. *Ravens wings flew out of his body.*

"I know, you want a better life. I can give you that, i can give you better friends, better family, or anything you want. But at a very-very high price!, that is your
strong soul, But don't you worry about that. I'll give a better one, remember?"

"Uh" (Shane quickly turned around and screamed) "NO!!"
"Well, i guess i'll have to do this the hard way. Raven mumbled.
*Raven grabbed Shane, and took a poof of air. Which sucked Shanes soul into ravens sick body.* "Ha, now for my new target!" Raven declared.

((Thanks to Shane (Jaden Yuki) for leting me use the name ;]))
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Soul 2;   Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:36 pm

Brilliant, but start posting every part in one topic. I'd merge em but I'm scared it might delete em.

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Lost Soul 2;
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