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 Lost Soul 1;

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Ra Dorm

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PostSubject: Lost Soul 1;   Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:46 am

As Zane walked home, he thought some-one or some-thing was following him, he started walking a bit faster intill he started running. He stoped, the neighbourhood bully stood in Zanes way. "Get out of my way now!" Zane stated.
"Why, should i punk?" the bully jabbed Zane in the stomach and grabbed him by his collar. "Ha, i thought i told you, this is my town and I-Dont-Like..YOU. So leave now or else!!!" the bully finally droped him, to the hard firm ground.

Zane picked himself up, from the firm ground. And contined walking, (Zane felt sorry for himself). A dark black bird, flew down from the hevens, and released a glimering feather, it fell into Zanes small white hands. The black feather shifted it's structure to stone

The stone begain to shine a dark blue.
A black hole formed under Zanes very feet.Zane fell 15 feet under ground, and as he fell asleep.

When Zane finally awoke, he was no longer on earth. A black figger placed a large foot on Zanes chest, Zane was scared so he kicked the black figgers foot of his chest, and jumped up. "Who are you?!, and why am i here?!" Zane belowed."I am Raven" Raven declared. "You are here because i took you here, and that is all you need to know, but.. i do offer you a better life, no a bigger life!, no! a longer life. By useing my dark powers, but you must give me one thing." Raven stated.

"Well Whats that?" Zane asked.
"Your Soul!, for life and forever!" Raven gave an evil look.
"But-t, i don't want a 'new' life!" Zane stated. "You don't?, so you like being bullied and beaten up?"
"Uh, no..but-t, how did you know about that?!" Zane said in shock.
"Hahaha, I know every-thing, I am every-one, I am every-where."

Ravens wings flew out of his long black body, 200 faces were traped in his wings.
"Do you like my collection of souls?" he asked. Raven the shouted "Then why not join them?!!"
Zane as fast as he could, in every direction.

"As i said, i am every everywhere, you can not run nore hide"
Raven flew past Zane and zanes soul was sucked into Ravens red wings. (he was trapped. Zanes body fell, his eyes were pure white, and as white as snow. Skin was pale, and rendard his body use-less. "Now for my next target!!" Raven luaghed , and gave a dead evil look.
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Lost Soul 1;
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